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Service Territory
  Texas North Texas Central Total
Residential 146,464 672,493 818,957
Commercial 29,918 107,956 137,874
Industrial 4,381 4,897 9,278
Other 5,197 1,547 6,744
Total 185,960 786,893 972,853
Megawatt hours delivered 5.3 million 24.3 million 29.6 million
Service area 53,000 square miles 44,000 square miles 97,000 square miles
Cities and towns served 153 219 372
Counties served 48 44 92
Transmission & Distribution
Distribution lines 13,308 miles 29,383 miles 42,691 miles
Transmission lines* 4,292 miles 4,444 miles 8,736 miles
T & D plant in service $1.16 billion $3.29 billion $4.45 billion
AEP Texas employees**     1,623

AEP Texas, a unit of American Electric Power, delivers electricity to nearly one million homes, businesses and industries in south and west Texas. AEP Texas provides regulated energy delivery service to consumers, regardless of which Retail Electric Provider (REP) they choose. The region headquarters is in Corpus Christi.

AEP Texas North Company (TNC) delivers electricity on behalf of the REPs in west Texas. AEP Texas Central Company (TCC) delivers electricity on behalf of REPs in south Texas. AEP Texas also builds new powerlines, restores service following outages and reads the meters for REPs throughout its service territory. The company also connects or disconnects service upon the orders of the REPs.

Operating revenues (2011) $942.2 million
Net income for common (2011) $161.3 million****
State and local taxes paid (2011) $44.2 million***
Franchise fees paid (2011) $47.8 million***

* Includes transmission lines owned by Electric Transmission Texas within the AEP Texas service territory
**Includes AEP Services Company employees based within the AEP Texas territory and Dallas
*** Reflects amounts paid byAEP Texas only
****Includes interest on Stranded Costs ($25 million)

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