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Access the technology, data and expertise you need to calculate your organization’s carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability goals.

Discover the Power to Transform Your Operations

Focus on renewable sources of energy. Shrink the carbon footprint. Reduce costs. Sound familiar? Your business, institutional or governmental agency no doubt has set these sustainability goals. You likely also want to avoid operational disruptions. AEP can help build resiliency into your power supply through universal-scale solar and wind projects. We also have the data, technology and renewable energy sources to help your operation accomplish its sustainability goals.

Leverage Our Expertise

Like you, we intend to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our goal: achieve an 80 percent reduction by 2050. We’re making progress by investing $2.3 billion in solar and wind power. In the process, our team has learned a lot about existing and emerging technologies and alternative energy markets across the United States. We will share this expertise to help you access renewable energy supplies you might not know about. With our experience and reach, we can help you spend less on power.

Achieve a Clean Energy Future

Optimize energy efficiency throughout your organization’s facilities and processes by utilizing our expertise and resources. As your partner, we will do whatever we can to help you.

Consume Energy Efficiently

Stay on top of market trends in solar, wind, combined heat and power, energy storage, fuel cells and waste heat recovery. Our strategic advisory services can help you better manage your energy consumption and costs.

Renewable Energy

Utilize large-scale solar and wind projects that we can tailor to your location and renewable energy.

Obtain Renewable-Specific Rates

Purchase fixed monthly blocks (100 kWh) from us (where available) to support the development of electricity generated by renewable resources.

Report Your Sustainability Efforts

Document power purchased from renewable sources, use of carbon-based energy and carbon emissions with Green Energy certificates and other information you need to meet clean energy standards.

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