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Servicing Eagle Ford Shale
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Service Territory

Extensive shale oil/gas reserves are located in and around geographic areas that align with the AEP Texas service territory. We see development of these reserves as an economic benefit to our state and the communities where they are situated. AEP Texas can provide information regarding the location and capacity of our nearest facilities to producers, processors and pipelines. We are investing in our electric delivery infrastructure to ensure that all prospective customers have access to electrical service in a timely manner. Long range planning with customers requiring large loads will allow us to meet that goal. Companies having growth plans involving large commercial or industrial electrical loads should contact the AEP Texas service team in order to begin the planning process.

What AEP Texas Offers Major Industry:
With over 100 years of experience in the delivery of electricity, AEP Texas can provide:

  • Timely information regarding the location and capacity of the nearest AEP Texas facilities
  • Knowledgeable Community Affairs staff committed to providing exceptional service
  • Established long-term relationships with state and local governments
  • An experienced internal and qualified contractor workforce

Your Information
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